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Give A Jewel, Feed A School

Help us raise money for school breakfast programs in Nunavut.




Eva von Jagow, a then high school student from Stittsville, was researching Nunavut for a school project when she came across the harsh reality of nutrition in our Far North.


She was shocked to see a photo of a jar of peanut butter costing $18.99 in a Nunavut supermarket! Eva quickly learned even with federal shipping subsidies, a head of cabbage can cost over $20. This means that many Nunavut children start off their school day with poor nutrition. In Canada, a country that is hailed as having one of the highest standards of living in the world, no child should be going to school hungry or malnourished.


   In Nunavut, a jar of peanut butter costs $18.99, cabbage can       cost over $20.00, and a 3L container of orange juice is $9.00!






The conception for the All That Glam fundraiser itself sprouted while helping her mom clean out her closet and jewelry box. Like many women, Eva’s mother, Karen, wore the same 10 to 20 pieces of jewelry and used the same five handbags most of the time. That’s when Eva thought, “Women donate their clothes all the time; why not their jewelry?” This realization sparked the idea to create a gently-used jewelry and handbag sale to raise money for Nunavut school breakfast programs.




The All That Glam Sale has become an annual event. The fundraiser collects donated jewelry and handbags from the community and resells the pieces at a one-day sale to raise money needed to provide nourishment to children in Nunavut.

 All That Glam has donated over $100,000 to fund the Coral Harbor School’s breakfast program.

The All That Glam is DueNORTH Canada's major fundraiser, and has evolved to

become a much-anticipated Ottawa event held at the end of November each year.

Pre-loved jewelry and handbags, donated by the community, are up-cycled and

sold at bargain prices. The event itself includes a silent auction, an art exhibit by

Nunavut students, and refreshments.

DueNORTH is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization which aims to nurture

possibilities amongst children and youth in Canada’s Far North by providing and

promoting access to nutritious, affordable and culturally-appropriate food.





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